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FanChants Brazil FC Index Of Football Chants

Brazil FanChants FC Index của bóng đá hàng đầu chants. Chúng tôi công thức độc đáo cho danh sách các bài hát bóng đá hàng đầu như và khi họ đi ra.

251 Corinthians Brazil Timao Eeeeee Oooooo The most traditional Corinthians chant Danh sách bài hát
442 Brazil Brazil Brazil! Brazil! Great ringtone for a Brazilian Fan :) Danh sách bài hát
501 Fluminense Brazil Come on Up Fluzao A version of a very famous song from a Brazilian 80s rock band called RPM. The vocalist is also a Fluminense fan and currently this is our most famous and favourite chant. Danh sách bài hát
511 Palmeiras Brazil Anthem of the Greens Great sound on this one Danh sách bài hát
685 Grêmio Brazil Raindrops of Love Chant inspired by the song "Pingos de Amor". A true declaration of love for Grêmio. Danh sách bài hát
732 Corinthians Brazil Oficial Anthems of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista Anthem sung at the stadium Danh sách bài hát
915 Atlético Mineiro Brazil Go for It Rooster Go for it Roosters! Danh sách bài hát
978 São Paulo Brazil São Paulo's Anthem The most important song in the world ! São Paulo Oficial Anthem! Danh sách bài hát
1121 Cruzeiro Brazil A Beer Please Recent music from Cruzeiro supporters. Goes on forever... Danh sách bài hát
1127 Atlético Mineiro Brazil I Celebrate Famous track "Vou Festejar" (I'll celebrate) by Jorge Aragão, sang by Beth Carvalho, a singer loved by the Rooster fans. The crowd always sing this chant when the team wins or to celebrate Danh sách bài hát
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1135 Brazil Brazil Brazilian with Lots of Pride Five times winners of the World Cup (a record) and eight times winners of the Copa America there are some reasons to be proud Danh sách bài hát
1178 Atlético Mineiro Brazil Ronaldinho Is the Terror Chant for Ronaldinho Gaúcho. One of the best players on footbal history. Champion of 2013 libertadores cup with the Rooster! Danh sách bài hát
1266 Brazil Brazil Crazy for Brazil Crazy from Brazil Danh sách bài hát
1291 Palmeiras Brazil Come on Porco with Drums Palmeiras classic Danh sách bài hát
1385 Sport Recife Brazil With Sport I Will Praising chant telling a little about the club's foundation Danh sách bài hát
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